Ask for Cask Fresh: Questions Every Cask Drinker Should Ask

Ask for Cask at the bar

There’s so much variety in cask ale that it can be hard to know what to choose. Here are 5 questions every cask drinker should ask.

When did it go on?

Like any truly fresh product, cask fresh beer has a shelf life. It’s at its very best when it’s enjoyed in the first 3 days of being added to the bar. It’s still good after that, but you might not taste everything the brewer intended.

What does it taste like?

With so many delicious beer styles to choose, from local and national breweries, getting to know the descriptions and what they taste like to you, can help you find your favourites. Just ask at the bar, and then taste for yourself!

How strong is it?

There are delicious cask ales at less than 3%, full of flavour and low on alcohol. There are specialist ales at high ABV, to be enjoyed like fine wine. And lots in the middle range of 3% to 5%. ABV is always written on the pump clip but if you’re not sure, just ask at the bar.

Can I have a taster?

With so much choice from brewers, pubs regularly rotate the cask ales on offer. If you see something new or you’re tempted by a cask ale you haven’t tried, just ask for a taster, it’s the best way to find what you like.

Which one do you like?

And if, after all that, you still can’t choose, just ask the bar staff for their favourite cask ale, they’ll be happy to tell you.


Are you over the age of 18?

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