Cask fresh beer is a big part of what makes a proper pub, and is unique to British culture! Sustaining the tradition of cask wouldn’t be possible without the commitment, passion, skill and continuous hard graft of brewers, pubs and associations up and down the country.

Here are a few that are totally committed to producing and serving the best cask fresh beer they can. If you know of others, tag them in our social and we’ll spread the word too.


These brewers are deeply passionate about cask ale and have generously supported the campaign. Click to find out more about them and why they love and produce amazing cask fresh beer.


The pubs below are also generously supporting our campaign. Order cask in here and you’ll get a very well looked after pint, served by knowledgeable people.

Associations and Partners

These trade bodies support the beer, pub and brewing industries in their day-to-day activities. Click to find out more about them.

Want to join us

If you’re a brewer, pub or trade body and you’d like to know more about or to support the Drink Cask Fresh campaign, click here to contact us.

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