About the Campaign

Drink Cask Fresh is a campaign from pubs, brewers and industry associations to encourage more people to try, enjoy and appreciate the fantastic choice of cask ale available across the UK.

We want to reintroduce cask ale to occasional cask drinkers and encourage beer fans to try the great range of cask a little more often.

Cask ale is a big part of what makes a proper pub. With so much fantastic beer brewed by regional and national brewers up and down the country, the Drink Cask Fresh campaign will remind beer drinkers what makes cask so special.

Through the campaign POS on the bar and around the pub; the campaign website and social media, we can demonstrate the success that supporting cask can have, and extend the campaign across the whole county.


The campaign is being fine tuned in a limited number of pubs across the country ahead of a nationwide launch later in the year. If you’d like to stay in touch and get involved with the campaign in the future, complete the form below and we’ll keep you updated with the developments. 

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